Denon AH-C560R In-Ear Headphones w/ Mic & Remote (Bulk Packaged)
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Since the first Sony personal stereo Walkman was born, headphones are getting more popular every day, along with CD player, until now the popular MP3, as the tone changes frequencies, the headphones naturally vary a lot. Listening to music the first close contact with your ears is headphones, headphones can be the most "close" product of your ear. If you do not concern it, and your ears gonna be likely to hearing damages due to the inferiors of headphone you are using, even if no matter how powerful the music player you have, it would certainly have been difficult to hear a real prefect tone.

Since EARDIO gained its name from the word "AUDIO" and "EAR", EARDIO has been shipping to customers across the country for the past 10 years. We built our business and reputation by maintaining good business ethics. We always believe the acoustic performance of a headphone is the best things for human ears and make sure to offer the lowest price which cannot be found elsewhere.

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